1. Overview and Acceptance of Use

  1. Overview and Acceptance of Use:

    • This section introduces Yuyao Aggpo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Aggpo”) as a curated wholesale online marketplace.
    • Users are referred to as “you,” and the terms “Aggpo,” “our,” “us,” and “we” refer to Aggpo.
    • Users accessing the services must be 18 years or older and legally capable of forming a binding contract with Aggpo.
    • If you are representing a company or other legal entity, you must have the authority to bind that party to the terms.
    • By accessing or using the services, users agree to be bound by these terms and related policies.
  2. Modification:

    • Aggpo reserves the right to modify, suspend, discontinue, or terminate the services, as well as modify these terms, without prior notice.
    • Users are responsible for monitoring changes to the services, and their continued use of the services after a modification indicates their agreement with the modified terms.
  3. Account Registration:

    • To access certain features of the services, users must register for an account (referred to as an “Account”).
    • During registration, users must provide accurate information and establish a username and password.
    • Users are responsible for keeping their account information accurate and up-to-date.
    • Users should safeguard their passwords and are solely responsible for activities under their accounts.
    • Aggpo can disable or terminate accounts for various reasons, including violations of the terms.
  4. Ownership:

    • The services and content are protected by copyright, trademark, and other laws.
    • Aggpo and its licensors have exclusive ownership of the services and content, excluding specific member content.
    • Users are not granted any implied licenses under these terms.
    • Users should not remove or alter any copyright, trademark, or proprietary rights notices.
    • Aggpo owns trademarks, trade dress, and trade names related to the services.
    • Users should not use these marks without Aggpo’s permission.
    • Other trademarks and proprietary designations belong to their respective parties.
  5. License Granted by Aggpo:

    • Users are granted certain rights to use the services and content, but these rights are subject to restrictions.
    • Users are not allowed to license, sell, rent, or commercially exploit the services or content.
    • Copying, modifying, and other actions with the material or content on the services are also restricted.
    • Users must not interfere with the services or their security mechanisms.
    • No implied licenses are granted, and violating Aggpo’s rights will result in the termination of a user’s right to use the services.
  6. License Granted by Member:

    • Users are solely responsible for the content they make available through the services.
    • Users must own the content they post or have the necessary rights, licenses, consents, and releases to grant Aggpo the rights to use the content.
    • Content posted must not infringe on third-party rights, contain malware, or be unlawful.
    • Users are responsible for the accuracy of their content, and they must not mislead or impersonate others.
    • Aggpo takes no responsibility for member-generated content, and users must indemnify Aggpo for any issues related to their content.
  7. Content from Social Media and Networking Sites:

    • If a social media account or associated service becomes unavailable, the content from that account will no longer be accessible through the services.
    • Users can unlink their brand account and social media accounts at any time.
    • Aggpo does not review social media account content for accuracy, legality, or infringement.
    • Aggpo may screen, remove, disable, or block content that violates its terms.
  8. Feedback:

    • Users are encouraged to provide feedback, comments, and suggestions for service improvements.
    • By submitting feedback, users grant Aggpo a license to use, modify, and create derivative works based on the feedback for any purpose.
    • This grant of rights is non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, and transferable.
  9. Reliance on Information Posted:

    • The information available through the services is intended for general informational purposes.
    • Aggpo does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of this information.
    • Users should be aware that any reliance on this information is at their own risk.
    • Aggpo disclaims liability for any consequences arising from users’ reliance on the materials or information provided on the site.
    • The services may contain content provided by third parties, and Aggpo is not responsible for the accuracy or quality of such materials.
  10. Links to Third-Party Websites:

  • The Aggpo site may include links to third-party websites (Other Sites).
  • Aggpo does not claim or accept responsibility for the quality, nature, or reliability of these Other Sites.
  • These links are provided for the convenience of users, and their inclusion does not imply endorsement by Aggpo or any association with the operators of those Other Sites.
  • Users should review and adhere to the privacy statements and terms of use posted on third-party websites when navigating to them.
  1. Prohibited Uses:
  • This section outlines activities and behaviors that are strictly prohibited on the Aggpo platform.
  • Prohibited activities include posting content that infringes on intellectual property rights, violates laws, is fraudulent or deceptive, is defamatory or offensive, promotes discrimination or violence, or involves illegal activities.
  • Users are prohibited from using Aggpo’s name, trademarks, or proprietary information without express written consent.
  • Tampering with non-public areas of the site, probing, scanning, or testing vulnerabilities, or attempting to breach security measures is not allowed.
  • Users must not avoid or circumvent technological measures meant to protect the services or content.
  • Other prohibited activities include sending unsolicited advertising or spam, impersonation, interfering with the services, or collecting personal information without permission.
  • Aggpo reserves the right to investigate and prosecute violations, cooperating with law enforcement as necessary.
  • Aggpo may also monitor user access and content for the purpose of maintaining service integrity, compliance with terms, or to fulfill legal obligations.
  • Aggpo reserves the right to remove or disable access to content that violates terms or is deemed harmful to the services.
  1. Information We Collect About You:
  • All information collected from users when applying for an account or using the services is subject to Aggpo’s Privacy Policy.
  • Users consent to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy and agree to actions taken by Aggpo in accordance with it.
  1. Termination and Account Cancellation:
  • Aggpo has the right to suspend, disable, or terminate user accounts if they breach any terms. Termination can be done at Aggpo’s sole discretion with or without prior notice.
  • Users are liable for any outstanding amounts in the event of termination.
  • Users can cancel their accounts at any time by contacting Aggpo.
  1. Disclaimers:
  • Aggpo aims for accuracy and reliability in the information and data on the site, but they are provided “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE.”
  • Users agree that their use of the site and its information is at their own risk.
  • Aggpo disclaims all warranties, both express and implied.
  1. Returns and Liability:
  • The acceptance of returns depends on whether products are customized.
  • For non-quality-related issues, compensation may be required.
  • For quality issues, users can negotiate a return solution.
  • In some cases, users may receive replacements or additional compensation.
  1. Limitation of Liability:
  • Users acknowledge that their use of the services is at their own risk.
  • Aggpo and its affiliates are not liable for incidental, special, or consequential damages, including lost profits, data, or goodwill.
  • In no event will Aggpo’s aggregate liability exceed $100.
  1. Notification of Infringement:
  • Aggpo respects intellectual property rights and will remove products upon notification of suspected intellectual property infringement.
  1. Force Majeure:
  • Aggpo is excused from performance under the terms in the event of certain uncontrollable circumstances, including acts of nature, war, terrorism, labor strikes, or other causes beyond Aggpo’s reasonable control.
  • In such cases, Aggpo may offer options such as deferred shipment or refunds.

19. Product Orders:

  • Receipt of an order number or email order confirmation doesn’t guarantee acceptance of an order.
  • Aggpo has the right to limit order quantities and refuse service to any customer.
  • Verification of information may be necessary before accepting an order.
  • Prices and product availability can change without notice.
  • Errors will be corrected when discovered.
  • Aggpo can refuse or cancel an order for any reason.
  • User accounts may be restricted or terminated at Aggpo’s discretion.
  • Items bought with quantity discounts may have their prices adjusted if the order is canceled.

20. Assignment:

  • Users cannot assign or transfer these terms without prior written consent from Aggpo.
  • Aggpo has the right to assign or transfer these terms without restrictions.
  • These terms will bind and benefit the parties, their successors, and permitted assigns.

21. Notices:

  • Any permitted or required notices or communications, including those regarding modifications to these terms, must be in writing.
  • Notices from Aggpo may be sent via email to the primary account email address provided by the user, posted on the site, or through the application.
  • The date of receipt of an email notice will be the date when the email is transmitted.

22. Entire Agreement:

  • These terms constitute the complete understanding and agreement between Aggpo and the user regarding the services and content.
  • These terms supersede any prior oral or written agreements or understandings between Aggpo and the user regarding the services and content.

23. Miscellaneous:

  • The failure of Aggpo to enforce any right or provision in these terms does not waive their right to enforce it in the future.
  • Any waiver of a right or provision must be in writing and signed by a duly authorized representative of Aggpo.
  • The exercise of one party’s remedies under these terms does not affect their other available remedies.
  • If a court finds any provision of these terms invalid or unenforceable, that provision will be enforced to the maximum extent permissible, and the other provisions will remain in full force and effect.
  • The term “include” or “including” means “including, but not limited to.”
  • Provisions that, by their nature, are intended to survive the termination of these terms or a user’s use of the services will continue to be in effect.

24. Contact Us:

  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms, you can contact Aggpo using the following information:
    • Company Name: Yuyao Aggpo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
    • Address: 535 Youngor Avenue, Shiqi Sub-district, Haishu District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang, China
    • Phone: (+86) 15867501030
    • Quote Email: quote@aggpo.com
    • After-sales Email: support@aggpo.com