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An Online Marketplace Built To Help Businesses Grow

Curate unique merchandise from over 500+ brands all in one online marketplace for a hassle-free merchandising experience! Operating on retailer-friendly rules, we provide net 60 payment terms, which means no upfront payments and interest day payment only 60 days later. Moreover, we also offer retailers a 60 days sale trial where any unsold items can be returned for free with no strings attached.

An Exclusive Wholesale Solution Built For Growth

Sourcing and buying new merchandise for your store can be a time consuming and challenging process - this is where Aggpo’s wholesale market place comes in. Our mission is to help local brands scale their business in a completely new market without having to go through any of the hassle. With the aim of fully revolutionizing the way local retailers in Asia buy merchandise for their stores, we’ve created an online B2B wholesale marketplace that provides independent retailers in Asia with our carefully curated catalogue of brands. By having the wholesale process into a single platform, businesses can focus their energy on scaling while we help take care of end to end cross border logistics, customs, duties and taxes while ensuring that goods are shipped on time all in one seamless journey.

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Do you have any questions about our wholesale product selection? Please contact us through live chat or call us at +8615867501030. As a new buyer or seller on Aggpo, do you need assistance? Our help center is here to support you.